Special machinery insurance

Protect your business against disasters!

Special machinery insurance

Insurance offer for agricultural, forestry, construction, road construction, quarry and other special equipment, valid in all Baltic States.

  • Depreciation is not deducted

    If machinery older than 7 years cannot be repaired using used parts, depreciation will not be deducted from the value of the new parts used for the repair.

  • No deductible depreciation for units

    No increased deductible part is applied to units used for collecting and/or feeding equipment or materials to be processed.

  • It is a good deal!

    For your convenience, it is possible to split the insurance premium into 12 installments and add them to your leasing invoices at no additional charge.

What risks are insured?

If machinery is leased, it must be insured. It will protect you from damage caused by accidents or employee negligence.

With Citadele special machinery insurance receive compensation:

  • In case of damage caused by fire or explosions
  • If the machinery is damage in a road traffic accident
  • If the machinery is damaged as a result of a natural disaster
  • If the machinery or any part thereof has been stolen or hijacked
  • If the machinery is damaged due to operator error or improper use
  • If machinery falls over or becomes stuck, or is damaged by a falling object