Equipment insurance

Protect your business against disasters!

Equipment insurance

We offer insure for medical, metalworking, printing, etc. equipment during the entire contract period.

  • Depreciation is not deducted

    If any equipment older than 7 years cannot be repaired using used parts, depreciation will not be deducted from the value of the new parts used for the repair.

  • We provide insurance for the entire lease period

    Insure once and you will no longer need to worry about the safety of the equipment - we will extend the policy for you.

  • It is a good deal!

    For your convenience, it is possible to split the insurance premium into 12 installments and add them to your leasing invoices at no additional charge.

What risks are insured?

Equipment insurance will protect you from damage caused by accidents or unlawful acts of third parties.

Receive compensation with Citadele equipment insurance: 

  • In case of damage caused by fire or explosions
  • In case of heating, sewerage or water supply emergencies, such as leaks
  • If the equipment is damaged as a result of a natural disaster
  • In case of burglary, robbery or vandalism
  • If damage is caused by an electrical phenomenon, which is not directly related to the construction or repair of the equipment