KASKO insurance

Feel safe on the road!


When you lease a vehicle, it needs KASKO insurance. We can handle it for you!

  • Pay in several installments without any additional charge

    Option to split the insurance premium into 12 installments.

  • We provide insurance for the entire lease period

    Insure once and you will no longer need to worry about the safety of your car - we will extend the policy for you.

  • Advice and support in matters of insurance compensation

    In case of an insured event, we help you to handle the necessary formalities.

What risks are insured?

KASKO policy will protect you from losses resulting from accidents, vandalism or car theft. The insurer will provide free roadside assistance or even offer a courtesy car while yours is at the service station.

With Citadele KASKO receive compensation: 

  • After an accident, even if the car is completely totalled
  • If the car is stolen
  • In cases of vandalism, hooliganism or other crimes
  • If the car is damaged in a car wash, service station or during transport
  • If you made a mistake when refueling and the fuel system must be cleaned
  • If a car window or auxiliary equipment is damaged
  • In case of car damage caused by flooding
  • If you need to restore lost car keys or a number plate