CL Insurance Broker

Entrust your insurance to our specialists!


  • We handle the safety of leased objects
  • Quick and easy - get insurance for the entire lease period
  • We provide professional advice in choosing the best insurer
  • Option to split the insurance premium into 12 payments, without any additional charge
  • Payment can be made along with your monthly leasing payments
  • Advice and support in matters of insurance compensation

Special insurance offers

  • CASCO insurance

    CASCO insurance

    Insurance of the leased vehicles against all types of risks. We can do it for you!

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  • Special machinery insurance

    Special machinery insurance

    Insurance of leased building and road construction equipment, agricultural and forestry equipment, quarrying equipment and other types of mobile equipment against all types of risks.

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  • Equipment insurance

    Equipment insurance

    Insurance of leased manufacturing, medical, metalworking, printing and other equipment against damage, theft and other possible accidents.

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