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About becoming the part of Citadele Group

  • Will there be any changes in my existing UniCredit Leasing leasing/ loan agreement?

    No, the terms of the leasing/ loan agreement remains in effect as agreed with UniCredit Leasing.

  • Do I as the UniCredit Leasing customer need to renew existing leasing agreement?

    No, the existing agreement do not need to be renewed.

  • Will I have to change the leasing object's technical passport at CSDD due to changes of UniCredit Leasing name?

    You do not need to change your vehicle's technical passport if you are traveling in the EU or the EEA. The technical passport of vehicle should be changed only in case you need a power of attorney from UniCredit Leasing to travel to CIS countries or outside EU. In this case, the change of the vehicle technical passport must be made before leaving the country with this vehicle and costs will be covered by UniCredit Leasing. In case of a change of the vehicle technical passport, please contact us by calling 6750200 to clarify the refund order.

    At the same time, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that in September 2018, changes in the regulatory enactments of the Russian Federation came into force, which determine the procedure for crossing the Russian border with a leased vehicle. When crossing the border, a security deposit must be paid, the amount of which depends on the age of the car, the size of the engine and the market value. Considering this, before planning to go to Russia with a leased car, please contact the Customs Service of the Russian Federation in advance to find out the amount of the fee and the procedure for its payment.

    By issuing a power of attorney for departure to the CIS at the request of the client, the leasing company does not guarantee the crossing of the border of the Russian Federation.

    Russian Customs Service

    +7 (499) 449-7771

  • Will UniCredit Leasing customers be able to make the monthly payments to Swedbank and SEB bank accounts also in the future?

    It is planned that the UniCredit Leasing current accounts in the SEB and Swedbank will be maintained. 

  • Should I change beneficiary in the insurance policy?

    No, you don’t need to change beneficiary in the insurance policy.

  • Is there merger of existing two leasing companies – UniCredit Leasing and Citadeles līzings un faktorings – planned to become one leasing company with a new name?

    All UniCredit Leasing and Citadeleds līzings un faktorings employees will work as one team and during frist quarter of 2021 will gradually start booking of new business in current UniCredit Leasing. Current Citadeles līzings un faktorings will remain alive and will ensure administration of current Citadele līzings un faktorings portfolio. Legal merger of both companies is not planned.

  • Will I still be able to contact my former UniCredit Leasing client manager in case of questions?

    If we do not notify you about change of contact person, you will still be able to contact your current UniCredit Leasing contact person for leasing questions.

  • Will the existing two leasing companies – UniCredit Leasing and Citadeles līzings un faktorings – continue to operate separately and will issue new financing?

    From the day of change of the company owner we continue to operate as separate companies and do sales from both companies, but we will ensure that the client and partner sees as us one single entity in the nearest future. 

  • When the rebranding is planned and when it will be completed?

    UniCredit Leasing rebranding is planned within 6 months after becoming part of the Citadele group. 

  • Will the former UniCredit Leasing office be located in Riga, Mukuslas street 41 also in the future?

    The location of the office will not change after deal confirmation day. It is planned that the former UniCredit Leasing office will be located in Riga, Mukusalas street 41 at least until March 2021, but later – in Riga, Republikas 2A. Customers will be informed about the move in a timely manner.

  • Can lease/ loan agreements, agreement amendments and other leasing documents be signed also in Latvian Citadele branches, for example in Rezekne, in the future?

    Yes, we plan that in the future it will be possible to sign leasing agreements or make amendments at Latvian Citadele branches. We will notify customers as soon as possible when we will be able to provide that. We always recommend to request digital signing of the agreements.

  • If I am a customer of Citadele and UniCredit Leasing, how can I apply for new leasing offer?

    All possible communication channels are open, however Citadele clients we would recomend to apply for leasing in Citadele website.