Information about customer service

Taking care for the health of our employees and customers, currently customer service in person is provided only by prior appointment.  

Before applying, please find out whether and how the documents can be signed using Smart-ID. 

You can book a meeting by calling on working days Mon-Thursday 09:00 – 18:00, Friday 09.00 – 17:00: 

  • To your direct project manager, contact details see here;
  • If you are new customer or don’t know who is your direct project manager, please call to our office phone 67 502 200

To learn more about customer service, please see the questions and answers below.

  • 1 . How are Citadele Leasing customers served?

    We provide customer service in person only by prior appointment and also remotely. In case of questions we encourage:

    • Contact your direct project manager by calling or writing, contact details see here;

    • Please call to our office phone 67 502 200 if you do not know who is your direct project manager; 

    • Write an e-mail to

  • 2 . What preventive measures are observed, performing customer service in person?

    Our highest priority is to protect the health and safety of our customers  and our employees. Therefore  Citadele Leasing continues to comply with all security requirements to ensure safe customer service.

    • In order to organize a customer flow, on-site customer service is performed only by prior appointment. We kindly ask our customers  to be responsible and to cancel face-to-face meetings in case of feeling unwell.
    • We invite clients and our employees to observe a distance of two meters during the meeting. In cases when 2 meter distance is not possible to keep, we provide disposable face masks free of charge.
    • An automated hand sanitizer stand is installed for the safety of our customers and employees.
    • After each client's visit, we perform room ventilation and table disinfection.
  • 3 . What should I do if I need to submit documents in paper format?
    • Please send them by post, addressing to: SIA Citadele Leasing, Mūkusalas iela 41, Riga, LV1004; 
    • Please leave them in the post box, located on the 6th floor at the entrance door of our office, Mukusalas street 41, Riga; 
    • In case you need to submit them personally, please call 67 502 200 - we will agree on the options. 
  • 4 . What if I can't pay my monthly bill/-s because of Covid-19?

    Thinking about clients in temporary financial difficulties, Citadele Leasing offers a grace period - an option to cancel a principal payment for a fixed term while interest payments will still have to pay. Canceled principal payments during the grace period will be distributed over the remaining months of the lease period.

    Fee for amendment to the contract in this case will be applied in the reduced amount.

    Grace period apply for:

    • job loss;

    • loss or reduction of income;

    • closure or temporary suspension of  business activities.

    How to apply for grace period?

    Submit a free form application, describing the situation and indicating the desired period for grace period for principal payments, The application must be signed with an e-signature or Smart-ID, but if it is not possible, it can also be sent electronically from the email address where the monthly invoices are received. The application should be sent to

    Citadele Leasing will review your application and evaluate the situation of each client individually and contact you to discuss the options. If grace period has been approved by Citadele Leasing, the customer will have to sign an Amendment to the Agreement. To do this electronically, we encourage our customers to get one of these types of electronic signatures in advance - an E-signature or a Smart-ID qualified electronic signature