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  • Don’t save for years - make a down payment and drive!
  • Once the payment is made, the car becomes your property

Leasing payment calculation example: Object purchase amount 40000 EUR, Leasing term 60 months. Down payment 10%, 4000 EUR. Fixed interest rate 2.50% + 3 months Euribor. Contract fee 600 EUR. Monthly payment 641 EUR. The total amount payable by the lessee is EUR 43 030.06. The annual percentage rate (APR) is 3.24%. * The annual percentage rate (APR) includes all costs that may incur in connection with the contract - contract fee, interest payments. Any other costs that may be incurred, such as the cost of insurance, registration of the Leasing Object, and other expenses not determined by the Lessor, are not included in the total cost of leasing when calculating the Annual Interest Rate.

The calculated result is indicative only and is not a commitment to provide funding. The specific funding conditions will be provided after checking your leasing application information.